Easy Care Garden Flowers

When summer comes, one of the most spent places is gardens. To relieve the stress of the city for employees, retirees use the gardens as a new hobby place. If I ask what makes the gardens beautiful, everyone can guess more or less what happens first; garden flowers.

Garden flowers make the gardens always look chirpy, colorful and peaceful. It is enjoyable to wander between them and enjoy watching while drinking your coffee. However, if you do not take proper care, they will bend their necks and this time it becomes sad to watch them.

Using garden plants that are easy to maintain for you to color your gardens can provide you with great convenience. With a proper garden decoration and colorful garden flowers, your garden can become a home for you. In this article, we have gathered the garden flowers that are the easiest to care for and planting in your garden, for you. Here are the most beautiful and special garden flowers.


The most famous type of carnation flower, which has many species, is garden carnation. Carnations, which are not very water-related, like to see the sun for a few hours every day. In very hot summer, you can increase the watering a little. You can also grow carnations that bloom in spring and autumn in pots. Carnation, which has pink, white, red yellow and green flowers that can be grown all year round, is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to the names of park and garden flowers.


Geranium, which is literally a summer flower, is a flower suitable for growing both in your garden and in a pot. Those who do not want direct sunlight do not use geraniums below 11-12 degrees. In summer, you need to water at least twice a week.

Geranium, which loves natural fertilizers made at home, begins to bloom in April and May, protecting its flowers throughout the summer. You can also care for your homes by taking geraniums that you grow in the garden into soil pots.


Nobody knows the perfect scent of lavender. Lavender, famous for its scent, will be your favorite among garden flowers. Since lavenders are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, it is one of the plants that should definitely be in your garden. Lavender, which is grown predominantly in the Mediterranean region in terms of both soil and climate conditions in our country, is a plant that likes the sun. It will also cause your garden to smell perfectly.

Lavender is also not a plant that requires a lot of care.You can obtain fruitful flowers after regular watering and feeding with barn dung about every 2-3 years. Lavender, which is among the long-lasting garden flowers, is one of the guests required for every garden.

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