Garden Floor Apartment

If your home is on the garden floor, then you have a small area that you can use. You can create great decorations by using this space very wisely. Of course, there are things you need to pay attention to because you are sitting on the garden floor.

You can enliven the decoration and increase the usage by using sensor led lighting in the garden floors.

DIY Ideas

Especially in the gardens, candlestick ideas can give great results. You can make creative and stylish looking objects from the items you do not use. For example, you can make your own oven by using our own oven content and you can get a much healthier cooking method. If you want, the furnaces you will make using bricks or soil will add flavor to your meals and a different ambiance to your garden.

However, you can get many potting ideas at homify. The pots you will make from the things you do not use at home will add a very modern atmosphere. In addition, if you have a suitable environment in your garden, one of the most important objects you should not forget is hammock. In general, do it yourself to your gardens with projects.

  • Lighting accessories from jam jars
  • Decorative flowerpots from elbow pipes
  • Pots from pallets or buckets

-You can create chair covers with textile products.

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