Gorgeous Garden Flowers

Marigold Flower

One of the most preferred fragrant garden flowers of summer months is marigold. Although marigold is a one-year plant, it is one of the indispensable flowers of gardens and balconies with its eye-catching stance and fascinating scent.


Azaleas are flowering shrubs that bloom in summer with showy flowers. Its large, colorful flowers last for weeks. You can cut azaleas, which are also suitable for cut flowers, and display them in your vases. The azalea plant, which is popular in southern style gardens, usually grows as a large shrub but gives great results if pruned in large garden pots.

With pruning, you have a small and flowering mini tree. Azaleas have many types and varieties. Why shouldn’t one of your plants be azalea in the mini garden you will create on your balcony?

Gala Flower (bridal flower)

Gala flowers often have white flowers reminiscent of a candle, elegantly twisted and curled. These flowers, whose roots are quite poisonous, can be pink, orange or red. This flower, which is also preferred in wedding decorations or bridal bouquets, is suitable for growing in pots.

There are also miniature varieties of the gala flower, the length of which is 2 meters. The plant, which blooms in spring and summer, enters the resting process throughout the winter. You should make sure that the gala flowers that don’t like being exposed to the sun too much are getting enough light.


Daisies, which are the first plants that come to mind when it comes to growing flowers, are among everyone’s favorite flowers with their simple beauty. Chamomile may be preferred not only because of its wonderful appearance, but also because of its healing when tea is dried.

However, a recommendation from us; If you’re growing chamomile to make tea in your balcony garden, grow German chamomile, not Roman chamomile. Do not miss the daisy with its tiny white flowers, unique subject, easy growing and healing.

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