How can I combine the most popular garden designs?

Natural Gardens

Natural gardens offer an excellent way to combine flora and fauna. With the right planting, especially with the preference of local species, you can create an environment that can also contribute to the survival of species such as butterflies, frogs and bees. Chemicals should never be used in the care of natural gardens. Some plants may need to be watered regularly or not cut at all.

The main idea in natural gardens is to build a small ecosystem that supports itself through minerals and by helping animals germinate seeds. This type of garden is a great option for those who want a natural environment of their own, as well as those who want to teach their children how valuable our world is.

Modern Gardens

When designing a modern garden, a simple design and layout are the most important determinants. It is also very important to place the lawn, terrace and flower beds with a proper hierarchy and leveling.

Hedge plants and flowers need to be cut and shaped regularly to maintain their precise geometric shape. You can use steel and even concrete in your garden to support the contemporary look.

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