How can I create a functional garden?

Before you start digging your garden, you should decide what kind of place you want your garden to be when you are done. Do you want a place for barbecue parties and socializing, or just a peaceful area to listen to? Is a playground more attractive to you or a Zen garden?

You can not spend much time at home and therefore prefer a garden that is easy to maintain? So will you need a certain height of hedges to protect your garden from prying eyes? In order to avoid any annoying surprises at the end of the work, you have to ask yourself all these questions. Another important issue is the shadow problem.

Watch the movement of the sun and learn where your garden is shadowing at what times. So you know where to place plants that need to see the sun or prefer shade. Even a small garden can be divided into sections in itself.

It is possible to establish a certain balance and hierarchy in the living areas and the sections reserved for flowers. You should even consider how many plants you will grow and how far they will spread. Accordingly, you can decide how many intervals you will planting for an ideal growth.

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