Mediterranean Style Gardens

When it comes to Mediterranean style gardens, the first thing that comes to mind is the combination of red bricks and different shades of brown and soil colors. As a matter of fact, Mediterranean gardens have received their features mostly from Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece.

Colors such as natural stones, wood and white or light blue are also important elements to be used when creating the perfect.

 Japanese Gardens

Japanese or Asian gardens are centered on peace and quiet. That is why both the look and spirit of the garden should reflect these emotions. Stone, water and low-maintenance plants are known for causing feelings of harmony and peace.

Mini waterfalls, waterways and ponds are also elements that can be used for the same purpose. You can choose any of them according to the size of your garden. In Japanese gardens, a well-planned and tireless symmetrical design with bonsai trees and bamboo fences is usually standard elements.

Zen Gardens

A Zen garden is a special type of Japanese garden completely free of water, so it is also known as a dry garden. Instead of water, wavelength patterns are drawn on sand or tiny stones with a wooden rake and these represent the flow of water. Other characteristic elements of this style are pebbles and rock fragments. Only mosses are used as foliage.

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