Planting In Your Garden

Organize your plants:

Decide where to plant each plant in the garden. Remember the sunlight they need and the sizes in which they will grow.
Leave a distance of 25 cm between each plant. Review the descriptions in the seed pack.
Also leave 50 cm between each row so that you can walk comfortably between.

Try to divide your plants into various groups. Vegetables, fruits and flowers can be planted in different parts.
Calculate in advance which plants will grow longer and shade other plants.

Plant your seeds and plants:

Plant each of your plants in the garden according to the arrangement you have created. Drill 2 times the size of the root ball. It will vary from 0.5 cm to 5 cm depending on what you sew. Follow the directives included in the seed pack.
Do not sew too deep. Dig out the pit just enough to plant the root without covering the leaves.

Gently place it in the ground without harming any part and smooth it with your hand or trowel.

Add dry grass or straw:

The nutrient in the soil helps plants grow healthy. Dried grass and hay also help prevent weeds from growing.
You can add straw or shredded leaves for vegetables.
Wood shavings for flowers can be good.

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