Preparing Your Garden Area and Tools

Choose your area:

Location is important when planning your garden. The most important thing is to determine whether your garden gets enough sun. Then decide whether the size is suitable for what you want to do and consider how to water this garden.
If you are going to create your garden in a container, the proper area where you will put the container is the most important issue. The area should be high enough to allow good sunlight and plants to grow upwards. Also, access to the water supply should be practical.

Test the soil:

Good soil contains enough lime, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Find out how much of each is in your soil and which plants are best suited. You can use potting soil in the container.
Choose the ones that suit you from the land you can find in many garden shops.

You can also test the soil samples in your garden.

Test your soil’s pH balance. You can use the test kits for this. Some plants prefer different pH levels. Soil with a neutral value (i.e. pH = 7) is best.

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