Confetti Balloon Cake Topper




Confetti Balloon Cake Topper. A perfect finish for those celebration cakes. You will receive the straw, balloon cup and ribbon assembled and the balloon deflated. This can be inflated when it is ready to use and attached to the balloon cup. Please message us if you require further help with attaching the Balloon to the cup. They are available in rose gold, gold or pink and gold. The rose gold balloon will come complete with a rose gold straw and white ribbon, the gold balloon with a gold straw and gold ribbon and the pink and gold balloon with a pink straw and pink ribbon. PLEASE DO NOT INFLATE THE BALLOON PAST 4 INCHES as this can cause the balloon to pop. We recommend using a balloon pump to inflate due to small pieces. Once inflated, rub the balloon on a textile surface to create static so the confetti is drawn to the sides of the balloon. Balloon contains hazedous pieces, please keep away from children. Please note, this listing is just for the Confetti Balloon Cake Topper


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