Galaxy Fortnite Cake with Loot Llama and Switch Controller




This is the second Fortnite Cake I made in the last few months. This one was for my next door neighbor’s grandson. <> The Loot Llama is a Funko Pop plastic toy, but the rest of the items are made from fondant and gum paste. Making the Switch controller was a snap. I cut out a piece of cardboard to match a printout of the controller, and then wrapped a thin piece of black gum paste around the center of the cardboard. I wrapped red gum paste around one end and blue around the other. I used some tiny circle cutters to cut out the “buttons” for the controller, and trimmed the edges with blue, red, and black strips of gum paste. For the screen image on the controller I just cut out a regular printed image (not an edible image), glued the printout to a piece of black gum paste using a dot runner, and then used the same dot runner to stick the gum paste backed image to the gum paste controller. Here is the finished controller. I put the X,Y,A & B on the buttons with a white edible marker. The tree is just globs of greenish fondant rolled out into tear-drop shapes and stuck to an aluminium foil tree. The Drop Box is six panels stuck to an aluminium foil shaped cube. Making the “Galaxy” like colors on the cake itself was also a first. I started with a white base. Note, I use CakeSafe acrylic rounds to get my sides perfectly straight and the edges very sharp. I have a blog post on it here. Added some dollops of electric purple, electric pink, and sky blue buttercream. Scrape and smeared the colors. Added some black buttercream. And scraped and smeared them all together. The lettering I cut out by hand using a paper templet. And then I stuck the letters to a cutout of the Fortnite logo which was also made from gum paste. I placed the white logo on a foam cake dummy so it would dry/harden in the curved shape. The final touches on the galaxy cake were some edible silver stars and sugar pearls to give it a more spacey feel. Some purple and blue sugar rock, Whopper candies, and some Oreo truffles I had hanging around my kitchen were also scattered around the cake. At the last minute I also made some ear buds out of fondant. I think the red and blue strings tie the top and bottom of the cake together. I hope Jaxsen likes it. Happy Decorating, Carol


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