Minecraft, Superhero and Spiderman Lego Cakes




This is a post for all those little birthday boys, whose cake dreams came true! When I use to work in a grocery store, decorating some 15-20 cakes a day, I did mostly flowers and balloons on cakes. There was an occasional drawn and airbrushed picture or wedding cake, but balloons and flowers dominated my day. Now that I do custom cakes, I hardly get the opportunity to repeat my work, which is why I love being out on my own. The variety, the thrill of a challenge and the never ending ideas my clients bring me! It really is the best. So when I get orders for a minecraft cake, a superhero and lego cake I get the opportunity to try new designs, dive into a world that I’ve never even heard of and create things I never thought possible. My cake dreams come true too, every time I pick up a spatula, pipe some buttercream or sculpt a piece of fondant!


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