The Most Beautiful Garden Flowers


Begonia, one of the most suitable flowers for home care, is one of the flowers that can be placed in your garden. Begonias with green and pink color shades will create a colorful spree in your garden. You should regularly water Begonias that do not need direct sunlight. In the summer, you should increase the need of the flower in the summer. You can plant begonia, which loves humus soils, in an area of ​​your garden that does not receive much wind and gets the morning sun.


Hydrangeas, known for their magnificent appearance, are among the indispensables of every garden. Hydrangeas, where very cold and very hot air does not work, should not be left without water especially in summer. You should not forget to water at least two days a week.

Hydrangeas, which you can easily reproduce with root removal method, like lighted environments. The colorful medieval enriches your garden. Its colorful bloom is directly proportional to the soil. Isn’t it strange? Let’s explain immediately. If the soil is acidic, you can get blue hydrangeas, and if you use an alkaline soil, you will get pink hydrangeas. You can understand that the color of the hydrangea may change as the pH of the soil changes.


Honeysuckle is one of the plants that smell like lavender. This plant, whose homeland is Europe, can withstand the harshest winter conditions. The sun is very important for the Honeysuckle. Strong sun vision helps it grow.

It is easy to maintain. It can grow in almost all types of soil, light and in semi-shade environments. It is ideal for the lady’s hand, who needs normal water, to water when the soil is dry. The honeysuckle, which started to greet you with its pink flowers in early July, can be done in late autumn or immediately after the flowers have faded. With pruning done at the right time, summer begins with plenty of flowers.

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