Vegetable Garden Preparation

Most of us are hobbyists, some of us are growing vegetables seriously. We try a new order every year, especially when it comes to hobby purposes, we learn, we learn lessons from those who do not.

Let’s share our experiences under a title with the establishment and layout of the vegetable garden, some information “What did I plant in my vegetable garden?” We also find in the title, but as the articles increased, it was difficult to search for basic information.

While sharing experiences, we also learn what we do not know and terms used about preparing a stove, supporting plants, useful plants for the vegetable garden, watering patterns, raised vegetable pods, …

You can grow your fresh plants by creating a special vegetable bed in your garden. You don’t have to change the garden layout to grow vegetables. You can plant plants such as mint, thyme and basil in the places between your flowers.

If your area is covered with more flowers, it is possible to select only your favorite vegetables and add them to the remaining areas. In the meantime, it is also worth noting that vegetables also have very beautiful flowers.

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