What makes a garden great?

Everyone has an idea of ​​how to create their dream garden. For some, a pool is indispensable, another finds a garden with some greenery sufficient. Whether we talk about a handful of soil or a large open area, there are a few simple rules that apply to all large and small gardens. First of all, regardless of our personal tastes and preferences, land conditions should be taken into consideration.

To make your garden warm and attractive for yourself and your guests, you can use a number of elements that will make you feel good. Those with gardening skills can release their own creative energy and make their own designs. But keep this in mind: your garden is dependent on your home and be sure to make a connection between these two areas.

Where can I find new ideas for garden design?

On our site, you can find countless garden photos of all kinds, from Mediterranean to modern, from tropical to Japanese gardens, you can get inspiration and get ideas. You will surely find something to suit your taste! And if your garden is small, don’t worry, we also have great ideas for small gardens. You can add the image of a garden you like to your new ideas section with one click.

This is an extremely easy way to compile and inspire visuals and update them whenever you want. Not only that, you can attach notes to each image, and use labels to remember what you liked in the respective garden. Your new ideas are always stored on your profile to be at hand.

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