While Designing Backyard

First of all, it is important how you dream of a garden when designing the backyard of your summer house. Are you planning an empty seating area on the grass, or a garden with big leafy plants, trees, a botanical garden or a garden with colorful, fragrant plants in mind? important…

Again, you can create small beds in the backyard plan. For example, you can make small labyrinths with boxwoods or luxuums, and you can grow them by planting the plants you want in small beds that you turn into circular or rectangular forms.

Of course, you should also consider the seasonal characteristics of the place where you are confused in choosing green leafy plants, colorful – fragrant flowers or trees.

Because some plants like moist and shady places, others like sunny and hot climates. Otherwise, all the expenses you make, the seedlings you receive and the seeds can be wasted.

A Backyard Plan with or Without Seating Area

As well as using pebbles and floor tiles, you can design yourself a gorgeous seating area surrounded by greenery in the back garden. You can surround it with lush pine seedlings.

If you do not want to create a special floor to sit in your backyard, you can also use step stones, also known as spring stones. The large spring stones naturally create wonderful visuals in the gardens and are never overlooked, so the soil that you press in the back garden and constantly roam on does not create problems like mud on damp days.

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