Wonderful Garden Flowers


Rosemary is among the sun-loving plants. We suggest you choose the place you planted accordingly. It is among the most loved garden flowers with its fragrance and bluish flowers. It is recommended not to sow seeds in winter. Rosemary, which grows very happy on slightly moist soils, also has tiny flowers in lilac color.

Rosemary is often planted as hedges of gardens. Call rosemary, a very useful plant.


Although it is a preferred flower for balconies with its pansy, fragrance and elegance, it is a unique flower that is preferred as a garden flower and adds richness to the look of the garden.


Roses, which we use in almost every aspect of our lives, are a unique alternative that we can choose to beautify the environment in gardens and balconies.

Providing a wide option with different rose varieties, roses can add a different atmosphere to your garden or balcony not only with their beautiful images but also with their other rotating structures. You can catch a visually rich presentation especially by choosing the most suitable color for your garden among the rose varieties.


With its easy maintenance and adding eye-catching colors to it, the palace palace is among the most preferred garden flowers. It is an ideal flower to spoil the depressed air of autumn with the fact that it usually blooms towards autumn.

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